Chapter Sisterhood

"The night before I received my bid into Tri Delta, I had posed a question to an active member during Pref Party, “Why did you join Tri Delta?” From my question, she gave a very well thought out answer.  She saw Tri Delta as the chapter that would make her a better woman at the end of her four years in college.  Since joining Tri Delta, I have experienced firsthand how a group of diverse, intelligent women can help you grow into who you will be the rest of your life. I made my decision to be a Tri Delta that night, and from that, I have learned that my sisters will always have my back whenever I need them, whether it is dealing with schoolwork at 4:00 A.M or talking about life, my sisters are always there for me.  I am proud to be a Tri Delta because I know I will always be surrounded by a group of women who are full of heart and will always dedicate themselves to whatever they put their minds to." 

-Emily Bochnowski on Choosing Tri Delta Sisterhood